It’s simply six yards of cloth, some of them downright plain, with very little embellishment, but when draped around a woman’s body, it creates a magical look of elegance, grace and allure. Few other dresses can compare with what the saree does for a woman’s looks. The Indian saree unquestionably remains the numero uno choice for women for all special occasions. Such is the versatility of the saree, that it can with simple tweaks make one look ready for office and work, a wedding, a party or even a day out to attend the child’s Parent–teacher Meet!

For many however, saree wearing itself seems too tiresome and cumbersome. They find the length, the pleats and the pallu handling, way beyond their capacity. In my opinion, it’s all about getting used to the flow of the fabric. It’s about fine tuning your entire ensemble, draping it with correct steps, pinning in places where it matters and not otherwise, that makes it easy, even for the most reluctant of saree wearer.