India is known for its diversity all over the world. Ethnic clothing is just one of the things that distinguish India from other counties. The traditional Indian attire has earned admirers from people from all over. The craftsmanship with which artisans create traditional dresses is really incredible. All forms of clothing are quite labor intensive and require a lot of attentionto detail.

The Saree is one Indian dress that enjoys worldwide popularity. Artisans across the country make use of locally available resources to produce sarees, which are a masterpiece in their own self. The beautiful weaves and designs on sarees makes one wonder about the creativity of these weavers. Different regions of India have different specialty and variety of sarees. Though there are several varieties, the famous ones are Chanderi and Maheshwari from Madhya Pradesh, Banarasi saree (which have brocade work), Paithan in Aurangabad
district of Maharashtra has kept alive the 2000-year old traditional method of weaving Paithani sarees using pure gold threads and yarns of silk. The other types of sarees are Andhra Pradesh’s Pochampally saree or PochampalliIkat, in which skillful weavers create geometric patterns in silk, Assam is home to rich golden colored Muga silk, the finest of India’s wild silk sarees. Kanjivaram and Patola are also the finest silk sarees in India.

Talking of Kashmiri dresses, the ‘Pheran’ is what comes to mind instantly. It is a loose woolen gown which is worn by both men and women to beat the freezing temperatures of the region. It has minute embroidery around the neck and the edges.

You must have seen Bihu dancers dancing in motif-rich ‘Mekhela Chador’- the traditional dress worn in the state of Assam. This dress is made from Muga silk and consists of a skirt-like lower part. The ‘Riha’ and ‘Chador’ is worn on the upper part of the body.

Another eye-catching north-eastern dress is the ‘Puanchei’ of Mizoram, which is cherished by every Mizo woman. It is paired with the ‘Kawrechi’ blouse that gives the Bamboo dance its distinct feel because of the colourful designs and patterns of the dress.

Coming to men’s clothing, we find that the unstructured ‘Angrakha’, that was a court outfit in ancient times, has given birth to the ‘Bandhgala’. It is now a preferred dress for weddings and formal occasions. It is also a favourite with politicians and the royals. Another dress that is considered perfect for weddings is the Sherwani. During weddings men can be seen donning a Dhoti or a Pyjama with a Sherwani. Sherwani is also worn on other special occasions like festivals and other celebrations. A kurta is also worn with pyjamas in North
India. In fact, the Pathani suit is a popular regular wear in Patiala and the richer version is also worn during weddings. In Srinagar it is also known as ‘Khan’ dress.

The Dhoti-Kurta is the traditional wear of men in villages. It is an unstitched piece of cloth in plain white, coloured or checks, which is wrapped around the waist. It is known by different names in different parts of India like ‘Mundu’ in Malayalam, ‘Dhotar’ in Marathi, ‘Panche’ in Kannada and many other names. The Dhoti is worn almost all over India but the form may differ. These dresses carry with them our age old traditions that keep us connected to our roots
and make us enjoy our vibrant cultures.

If there is one attire that combines tradition, culture, elegance, finesse et al, it
unquestionably has to be salwar kameez. Similar to the beautiful Indian woman who has carried this piece of clothing so beautifully over many generations now, the ethnic wear continues to outline class when it comes to traditional adorning.
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