A delicate cotton saree with high-quality and soft fabric gives your skin an exceptional feel. What’s better than flaunting your charisma and feminine energy in six-yard-long comfortable material? 

Cotton sarees are a popular and traditional Indian attire. They have been around for ages, and it is easy to see why. It is an amazingly versatile fabric you can wear as an everyday outfit or formal wear. Special occasions such as wedding parties, festivals, and ceremonies also welcome cotton sarees with open arms. 

You see, cotton sarees are one of the garments we associate with relaxation, serenity, and happiness. In this blog, let’s uncover the lesser-known facts about your favorite cotton sarees.  

Interesting Facts About Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees Are the Oldest Creation

Women have been draping sarees, and the first-ever known fabric of saree was cotton at that time. Even Indian Vedas and scriptures appreciate the blend of cotton and sarees.

The Indian subcontinent is home to cotton produce. Some 5000 years ago, India adopted the skill of weaving and dyeing cotton. Every Indian state follows its own cotton weaving practice. Sarees made of cotton vary throughout the nation in prints, weaves, motifs, techniques, textures, and colors.

  • West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh follow traditional patterns to create jamdani cotton sarees.
  • Orissa is famous for the Sambalpuri, Vichitrapuri, and Bomkai cotton saree. The artists of these sarees take inspiration from nature and put multiple colors and traditional motifs in them.
  • Madhya Pradesh produces excellent Chanderi sarees with a silk warp and cotton weft.
  • The check patterned Maheshwari sarees of Madhya Pradesh are either unadulterated cotton or silk and cotton mix. 
  • Hyderabad is well-known for its antique technique of weaving cotton. It is also the origin of the Venkatgiri - breezy cotton sarees ideal for summers. Primarily these sarees are off-white and have some dull golden motifs on them.
  • A city of Andhra Pradesh, Nander is renowned for its fine eminence of cotton sari with gold thread with a silk border.
  • Andhra Pradesh also crafts Pochampalli sarees with the ikat patterns, where the yarn is pre-dyed to get a particular pattern.
  • The cotton sarees from Tamilnadu closely resemble the silk sarees. The prime centers in the South like Kanjeevaram, Salem, Pudukottai, and Madurai are well-known for cotton weaves with motifs and checks. The border and pallu have embellishment of thread or zari weaves
  • Kerala entered the cotton saree industry late. They weave Karaikudi sarees using unbleached cotton. These sarees have rich, broad gold borders and pallus for an elegant look.
  • Rajasthan and Gujarat also contribute with their tie and dye sarees.

Astonishing Durability

Cotton sarees last long because of their stiff and starchy fabric texture. The fabric is not easy to tear. If you have an old plain cotton saree, you can add patches or embellishments to it without ruining the fabric. 

Whether a cotton saree is pure weave or designer, it does not lose its newness or luster even after decades. 

A cotton saree is ideal for ethnic wear because it has a natural look and does not fade when washed at home, making it easy to maintain and clean. You can even iron your cotton saree without ruining its texture or color. Just remember to use mild cleansers instead of harsh detergents.

Suitable for All Year Round

The cotton saree is one of the most versatile sarees available in the market. They are known to be comfortable and breathable, which makes them suitable to wear all year round.

Cotton sarees are suitable during the monsoons, winters, and summers. The cotton fabric gives you a fresh feel during summers and a warm feeling during winters.

Moreover, you can carry a cotton saree everywhere. A casual office party is a perfect occasion for cotton sarees. You can also carry it on a ladies' day outing or a family function. Pair it with embellished jewelry, and you’ll be all set to stand out at an evening party. 

Fire Resistant up to an Extent

Women prefer to wear cotton sarees during household chores, especially cooking, because it is not a fire hazard. Unlike synthetic sarees, cotton sarees do not catch fire easily. It is completely safe for daily wear. 

Perfect for Prints and Dyes

Cotton sarees are perfect if you want to print or dye your plain cotton saree from scratch. You can provide them with magical hues and prints. 

They also provide a hard starch base for stunning zari, thread work, and other embellishments. 

No Drooping

Unlike other fabrics, cotton sarees do not droop even after draping them for long hours. They provide a perfectly exquisite look from morning to evening. So you can present your clean and professional look throughout the day in office meetings or events. 

Portrays Femininity and Elegance

Cotton sarees are flattering for all body types. They do not hug your body but highlight your finest features when draped right. 

Today, women lean more towards minimalistic yet elegant looks. Cotton fabric gives them what they desire – femininity, elegance, and glamor. Various colors and patterns of a cotton saree make a woman look stunning.

Even celebrities like to flaunt their beautiful cotton sarees. Name a sophisticated, elegant actress and google if she has never seen wearing a cotton saree. Each actress wears a cotton saree at least once during their public interaction. Why? Because no other saree type can beat the charm of cotton sarees.


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