In India, silk has always been one of the most coveted fabrics for clothing. Silk clothes are the ultimate symbol of luxury and comfort. Among the numerous types of silk, Tussar silk is the most adored by women across the globe for its natural elegance and sheen. It is a beautiful fabric, and no wonder people love it. 

Tussar silk comes from larvae worms that feed on Jamun and oak trees. That is why Tussar silk is also known as Wild Silk. This silk is also referred to as Kosa silk as it comes from the Kosa cocoons spun by Tussar moths. 

Tussar silk is a rare and highly prized textile, representing a quality of excellence. The threads are softer and finer than those found in an ordinary fabric; they are supple and more resistant to stretching.

There are dozens of fashion items of Tussar silk that you can flaunt with grace, the saree being the most adorned. 

When you wear a Tussar silk saree, its beautiful fall and rich fabric make you look like you stepped out of an expensive fashion magazine.

In this blog, let’s go over the mysteries of Tussar silk.

Things to Know About Tussar Silk

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Tussar Silk

No one is unaware of Tussar silk, but many of us do not know some of its interesting facts. Let us learn more about the favorite silk of India.

India is the Second Largest Manufacturer of Tussar Silk

India comes in the second position on the Tussar silk manufacturers’ list. It is exported all across the world. This rich fabric majorly comes from tribal areas, Jharkhand and Bhagalpur contributing the most. Bhagalpuri silk is one of the most demanded silk sarees in India. 

These tribals are perfect in the art of weaving and knitting Tussar silk. They take about three days to produce ten meters of silk. 

The Gold Creator 

Did you know that silkworms make all the difference in the appearance and texture of Tussar silk? The wiggly silkworms naturally produce deep golden silk and rich texture. This golden silk is dyed into the desired color, which you see in your Tussar silk sarees and dupattas. 

Comfortable Choice in All Seasons

The Tussar silk sarees are a perfect outfit that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. The porous fabric makes it comfortable summer wear. And its moisture-absorbent fabric keeps your skin warm in winters. 

A Modern and Traditional Fit

While Tussar, or Kosa, silk is most popular in sarees, it is one of the most versatile fabrics. Almost every Indian designer uses this rich fabric in his creations, and not just for traditional attires. You may see a wide variety of Tussar silk outfits today, including fusion tunics, salwar, Anarkali, trousers, half sarees, and even bridal Tussar silk lehengas.

The Unusual Silk Extraction Process

Silk moths of the antherea mylitta species produce Tussar silk. For its extraction, the silkworm is dried in the sun, and boiled in hot water for softening its cocoon. Afterward, they produce naturally gold-colored threads. 

How to Check the Authenticity of Tussar Silk Saree?

Touch Test

It is a quick test that you can do on-spot also. For the test, lightly rub the saree with your fingers. If you feel the warmth after rubbing, it is authentic Tussar silk because synthetic silk does not produce warmth.

Burning Test

To test the authenticity of the Tussar saree, just burn the edges of the fabric slightly. If it smells like burnt hair, it is original, but if it just burns to leave a solid residue, you have a fake Tussar silk saree. 

Also, pure Tussar silk stops burning as soon as you move the flame away. It is not the case with artificial silk.

Ring Test

If you have a simple silk saree, you can check its authenticity by passing it through your finger ring. A pure Tussar silk is so flexible and smooth to pass easily through a finger ring, whereas synthetic silk would scrunch up. 

Price Test

Pure silk is always considerably higher in price than an artificial one. If you find someone selling silk sarees at exceptionally lower rates, there is a chance they are not offering pure Tussar silk sarees. 

Luster Test

Silk is famous for its lustrous appearance. This luster occurs because of the thread combination, which produces a particular sheen to the silk fabric. 

When you change the angle of the silk fabric, the color on its surface also changes. However, artificial silk showcases a white sheen from all angles. 

Weaving Test

There is some uniqueness in the hand-woven silk. You can notice minor unevenness of texture in the pure hand-woven Tussar silk sarees, whereas machine-woven silk has a perfect texture. 

It is better to buy your saree from a trusted and reputed saree studio, so you do not need to do this test.

Where to Buy the Best Tussar Silk Sarees Online?

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