Linen Sarees - What You Need to Know!

Linen sarees, known for their simplicity and class, are popular among everyone from young to old. The beauty of this traditional outfit comes from the weft-woven weave of yarns made from the fiber of the wild flax plants that grow on the fertile plains. 

Linen sarees are one of the oldest styles of clothing the world has ever seen. The linen fabric came into existence around 36,000 years ago when ancient Egyptians wove the first linen cloth on a loom. Even during the old time, the linen fabric was reserved for higher-class people. For this reason, we see many celebrities styling linen sarees at film festivals and grand events.

With time, linen sarees have evolved beautifully in stunning colors and alluring designs. In this blog, know the different variants of linen sarees available presently. 

Things to Know About Linen Sarees

Linen Saree Variants

  • Pure Linen Saree

  • Pure linen is elegant in all sarees. These sarees generally have a higher thread count and softer fabric. The best part is it becomes even softer over time. 

    A pure linen saree has between 60 to 80 thread counts and a maximum of 120. The thread count is an indication of the texture of the linen saree.

  • Semi Linen Saree

  • In semi linen sarees, cotton is woven into weft yarns. Cotton and linen, these two skin-friendly fabrics combine to create a slightly different appearance. 

    The fabric of pure linen shines because it is prickly, dense, and heavy. Hence, it does not make for the most comfortable fabric. On the other hand, semi-linen is less glossy, softer, lighter, and strongly textured. No wonder beautiful, breezy semi-linen sarees are perfect summer essentials. 

  • Organic-Linen Saree

  • The flax plants grown without fertilizers and pesticides are used to wove organic linen sarees. It is recyclable and does not need irrigation. The process of creating flax threads does not include any chemical treatment. During the organic linen saree manufacturing, the whole plant is used, ensuring no waste.

  • Silk Linen Saree

  • Silk linen is also known as Silk Matka. Linen and silk blend to result in a fascinating, lustrous fabric, making the silk linen saree a perfect pick for any special event. 

    Here the word Matka refers to thick yarn that is hand-loomed. Thus, silk linen sarees have a smooth texture. It is a distinctive, medium-weight fabric and makes for an ideal saree type to wear during winters.

  • Linen Saree with Zari Work

  • Rich zari work makes the linen saree stand out. It gives your saree an elegant appeal. The zari is light in weight, which allows you to carry a comfortable saree even on grand occasions. 

    4 Interesting Facts About Linen Sarees

  • Thread Count Does Not Indicate the Quality of The Linen Saree

  • The number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch is the thread count of the linen saree. Choose a higher thread count for a softer saree. It means thread count only indicates the texture of the linen saree. A saree with a higher thread count becomes softer with every wash. 

  • Linen Is a Strong Fabric

  • Interestingly, the tensile strength of a linen saree is naturally better than that of cotton and woolen ones. The fiber of linen saree is derived from the middle part of the flax plant, which gives it strength. It means the linen sarees are of superior quality. 

  • The Texture of Linen Changes When Combined with Other Fabrics

  • In a linen saree, all the wraps are of linen yarn only. When there is linen in both warps and wefts, it is linen by linen saree. If cotton, silk, and khadi are combined to make wefts of saree, it is called linen by cotton, linen by silk, and linen by khadi, respectively. 

  • You Can Wear Linen Sarees in All Seasons

  • Linen is a multi-purpose fabric. Its sweat-absorbing property and softness make it ideal for summers. Linen makes people feel 3-4 degrees colder than other fabrics. But its warp-weft tricks make the fabric heavier, which makes it not only a perfect summer pick but also for winter. 

    Tips to Style Linen Sarees

    Styling Linen Saree for Party

    Using the right accessories, you can rock the party look even in the simplest linen saree. 

    If you are wearing a plain saree, add some bling to it for the final touch. Embellishing your linen saree with accessories is the best way to give it a party look.

    Choose an elegant blouse or a colorful top to complement your outfit. You can also wear a chiffon blouse that will give your linen saree more elegance and sheen. It should be light in color and slightly transparent, so it doesn't clash with your saree.

    You will also not go wrong with the silk linen Banarasi handloom saree in some new colors like purple, pastel blue, and dark gray.

    Styling Linen Saree for Office 

    For sartorial office wear, a linen saree is the best option. The fabric is light and airy, making it ideal for wearing in the office. If you do not want to wear the usual blouse, choose a top that complements the color of your saree and suits your style. You should choose something that's high-necked, preferably a long sleeve shirt or blouse. 

    Create a more top-notch look by pairing a chocolate color organic linen saree with a long, black blazer.

    You may give visual appeal to the outfit by adding a belt. The belt should be neutral in color and not too bold. Otherwise, it might ruin the look of your office outfit altogether.

    Styling Linen Saree for Festivals

    Linen sarees have a special place in our hearts and are associated with festivals such as Diwali and Durga Puja.

    They are the ultimate festival wear- comfortable, easy to wear, and traditional. 

    Choosing a moderately heavy linen saree can do the magic. Choose a saree with broad borders or zari work with a matching necklace and traditional jhumkas.   

    Maintenance Tips for Linen Saree

    These beautiful linen sarees are easy to maintain. 

    • You can machine wash or dry clean them. It becomes softer with every wash. 
    • Wash linen sarees separately from dark-colored clothes that release color on washing. 
    • Linen tends to get creased easily, but you can remove even harsh wrinkles by ironing them. 
    • Do not squeeze or stretch these sarees, as it can hamper the fabric. 
    • Keep linen sarees in saree bags away from high temperatures.

    It is all you should know about linen saree - an ethnic marvel. Shop the most elegant, trendy, and high-quality linen saree with Aevum